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Are you from the Whitby area? Good for you because the best salon in the town, Our Whitby hair salon is now open for all your hair needs. All our styling experts in HAIR N EXTENSIONS BOUTIQUE are well trained and equipped with the newest equipment to give you the Hairstyle as per your request. Simply book an appointment to discuss all your hair needs But don’t forget to visit here to know what our clients say about us. 

From our Whitby hair salon, you can get all the below hairstyles you want. This post will help you to get a basic idea of what we do in our hair salon before you get our professional service.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are usually used to add volume, length, and color to your existing hair. Our expert hair stylists are committed to listening to your ideas and add their expertise to give you the best hairstyle you need. Simply visit this link to learn more about Hair extensions. 

Tape-In Extensions

Our Whitby hair salon has the right experts and proper equipment to get you the perfect Tape-In Extension as per your need. Although Tape-In Extensions are easy to install you need trained hands to install it perfectly. Learn more about Tape-In Extensions here.


This is another hair extension method but it involves adding hair straight to your scalp. Talk to our expert hair stylists in Whitby hair salon about your hair needs and get your weaving done in the way you want. Weaving is one of the most difficult hairs styling methods and it’s important to have trained hands to do your Weaving. Learn more about Weaving here.


This hairstyle also is known as “Root Flipping” is one of the best hairstyles you must try if you love dreadlocks! Our Hairstylists in Whitby hair salon have years of experience in Interlocking, Which is why you need to get your interlocking done by a specialist as it involves tightening your hair right from its root, and it’s very important to get the best result as well as making it comfortable for your head. 


This is one of the coolest hairstyles that is coming from ancient times. This hairstyle can be very time consuming and involves a lot of work unless you have trained hair stylists to do your dreadlocks. All our Whitby hair salon stylists know new methods that are convenient for our clients while delivering the best results in a much lesser period.


Cornrows are a very old African hairstyle that involves braiding your hair very close to the scalp. These rows are usually created in straight lines through the pattern and can be customized as per customers’ requests. This is why it’s important to do your cornrows from our Whitby Hair salon. Our Whitby Hair salon has hairstyle experts know how to deal with any kind of hair you have and give you the best hairstyle you need as per your request. visit here to understand more about cornrows.


This is one of the most beautiful hairstyles available in our Whitby hair salon. This hairstyle can be done with extensions or your natural hair. This hairstyle may seem like it’s hard to achieve the best results. But all our experts have years of experience and are equipped with the right equipment which is why you don’t have to worry about anything else but to come and explain to us what hairstyles you need. Visit this to know 84 Kinky twist hairstyles you must consider to be your next hairstyle.

Calling out all the beautiful ladies in the Whitby area to try our service to get the look you deserve. Our hairstyling experts are happy to talk to you and educate you about all your hair needs and styles. Our salon is well equipped with the latest equipment, Healthy products, and most importantly well-trained hands to provide you the best experience in town! Simply visit this link to book an appointment to reserve your day. See you in our Whitby hair salon soon!!!