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Cornrows are an ancient traditional African style of hair grooming. The hair is being braided very close to the scalp and by applying the right technique we are producing a continuous row. Most of the times our staff created cornrows in a simple way, like straight lines. In addition, by customer request, our cornrows in North York experts can create cornrows as geometric designs too. The appropriate maintenance requires very careful washing of the hair and regular oiling of the scalp. 

cornrows in north york

How we make cornrows

First of all, cornrows is a super fun way to wear your natural hair, by adding style to your hair. And the procedure is not so complicated as you may have imagined. Especially for our well-trained staff! But be careful! When a non-experienced person is applying this technique, it could damage your hair and cause hair loss. So, choose wisely!

Let’s now explore the procedure of how our hair style experts creating the cornrows:

  1. Wash your hair. While hair is still wet, we detangle it wit a conditioner and a brush. As a result, hair is going to be much easier to braid.
  2. Parting your hair in rows from front to back. They are many alternatives available for this step, we will go step by step with you before beginning the procedure.
  3. Dividing the first row into 3 smaller sections.
  4. Making the first braid stitch.
  5. Adding a small section of hair from the row underneath to each braid stitch.
  6. Finishing the braid once it’s off your scalp and secure it with a hairband. How long your hair is going to determine the length of the end of your braid.

Cornrows is a great way to style your hair, when you want a big change to your style! Our cornrows in North York experts are always available for more information about the techniques we are using. So do not hesitate! Contact us by filling the form below or just give a call at (416) 566-7269.