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Interlocking dreadlocks is a procedure which involves pulling the end of the dreadlokc back through the base of the root. You may have heard it as “root flipping” too. More specifically, this technique tightens each dreadlock by twisting the hair at the base of the dreadlock. Therefore, it is a procedure that requires experience and well-trained staff, and our interlocking in north york experts can provide that. It is not safe to let a friend of yours apply this technique to your hair. Interlocking can give a fresh new look in your hair! It is a big decision for many people until they decide for such a big change, but all of our clients who did it, they did not regret it.

interlocking in north york

What you need to know

First of all, something really important to have in mind regarding interlocking, is that can fit in all hair textures. And why that? Because it protects hair from unraveling and helps them to stay in place to begin the locking process. Also, you do not have to visit your hair salon so often, comparing to other hairstyle techniques. The average duration that your locs are maintaining is approximately 8 weeks.

What should you ask your hair specialist before you decide for an interlocking:

  • Has my hair the appropriate size and density in order to have a successful interlocking procedure?
  • What’s the procedure and the cost to go back to my regular hair?

Finally, as we mentioned above, interlocking is a technique that requires qualified hair specialists. Otherwise, mistakes may happen and the result in your hair is not going to be as you have dreamed for. We encourage you either give us a call at (416) 566-7269 or fill the form below. The best interlocking in North York experts only at Hair N Extensions Boutique.