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Hair N Extensions Boutique is excited to welcome clients from Courtice, a community in Ontario East of Toronto, adjacent to Oshawa and Bowmanville. At the Courtice Hair Salon, we adopted a style of hairdressing that highlights an elegant and inclusive outlook to simple beauty. With our commitment to expertise and a focus on the highest quality product, everything created at our location is performed with the intention of achieving excellence.In contrast to providing exceptional services, we carry the clear message that there is beauty in everyone and that is what gives our brand its unique identity. Courtice Hair Salon offers a number of hairdressing services to transform your distinct look. 

Hair Extensions

We offer the best hair extension services! Our experienced staff. will ensure that you will walk out of the salon with your gorgeous dream hair and you will never feel out of place.  The right team of hairstylists aspire to  boost your self esteem and confidence by providing  length and volume to your hair. Before you move forward with hair extensions, there are few things you need to consider. The most important requirement is that your hair length must be 3 inches or longer. Hair Extensions page on our website provides you more details as to what you need to inquire, prior to your appointment.

Braid Fusion

Braid Fusion is a style that is very common among celebrities. Hair stylists have adopted this technique for many years and are continuing to add more tricks and techniques with the intention of perfecting your hair. Our expert is always prepared to provide you the best Braid Fusion services in Courtice. Braid Fusion is an intricate but straightforward hair extension process to perform. There are many advantages of having a Braid Infusion. One advantage of Braid Fusion is that it will accentuate the fullness and length of your hair.


Another way of adding length and volume to your hair is through Hair Weaving. What is Hair Weaving? Hair Weaving is a non surgical procedure that utilizes existing hair to attach hair extensions as opposed to hair wigs. In this procedure, you have the option of either adding human or synthetic. You are bound to experience many benefits of Hair Weaving such as being able to add volume and style. Our stylists can take good care of you and provide you the hair you always dream of.


Interlocking is a mainstream hair extension style adorned by many celebrities like Rihanna and Bob Marley. Many people love this style because its carefree and looks distinct. The interlocking techniques involve latch-hooking or root flipping. This is a procedure where the ends of a section of hair or dreadlock is pulled through the root of the same section. This results in the formation of a “lock” of sorts and maintains the hair while a dreadlock is created. Interlocking requires the attention of well trained hair stylists and staff due its nuanced nature. Book and appointment with us and get services from  the best interlocking experts in Courtice hair salon.


When you hear the word dreadlock you would most likely think of popular celebrities such as Bob Marley and Whoopie Goldberg. What are dreadlocks? Dreadlocks are strands of rope-like hair that are created by braiding or matting hair segments. If you have always dreamed of having Dreadlocks, there is no better place to get it done than Courtice Hair Salon. 


Cornrows is a unique African hairstyle that dates back to 3000 B.C. This was a conspicuous indicator of the tribe they belonged or type of warrior/clan they belonged to. This hairstyle became prominent in the 60’s and 70’s in conjunction with the Black Power movement. In addition to being symbolic to ancient history or identity, this hairstyle has been trendy in modern day and age. The procedure involved in this meticulous process is perfected by our hairstyle experts in Courtice hair salon. You can ask more questions from our experts and check out the procedure on our Cornrows page.

Kinky Twist

Kinky twists similar to braiding hairstyles also dates back to Africa many centuries ago. It grew its popularity in the early 2000’s. This fresh look has been adored by many of our clients at Courtice. Kinky Twists in simple terms is another way of using extensions embellish natural hair into gorgeous long twists. Many women feel as though this is a complicated process but it is straightforward for  experienced professionals at Courtice hair salon.

Tree Braid

This beautiful hairstyle is derived from cornrows, traced back as far as 3000 BCE. Tree braids resembles having a weave as it combines braids and free-falling extension hair. Within each cornrow there is free-falling extensions hair left out forming the tree brain effect. Tree braids can approximately last up to 6 weeks. For more information on this trendy look, our expert hair stylists at Courtice Hair Salon will be more than happy to answer your questions and clear your doubts.