Want to know more about split ends?

split ends

If you have split ends, unfortunately, the only solution is to cut them off and take care of your hair better in the future, because they can’t be fused back together.

Some causes of split ends:

From L’OrĂ©al and the Canadian Dermatological Association:

  • Aggressive combing
  • Combing while hair is wet
  • Exposure to harsh weather
  • Using heated styling tools
  • Not getting regular trims
  • Lack of hair conditioning
  • Washing hair daily
  • Chemical hair treatments (colour, relaxer, perm etc)
  • Using too many styling products (gel, mousse, wax, hair spray etc)
  • Using low-quality products
  • Sleeping on rough pillowcases
  • Lack of sufficient proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  • Backcombing
  • Overbrushing

How to stop split ends from forming:

Since it has causes, doing the opposite of the listed causes, would stop split ends from forming, so things like:

  • Combing calmly
  • Combing hair only when dry
  • Staying out of harsh weather
  • Not using heated styling tools
  • Getting regular trims
  • Using hair conditioner
  • Washing hair less often
  • Not treating your hair
  • Hot styling your hair too much
  • Using high-quality products
  • Sleeping on smooth pillowcases
  • Getting sufficient proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  • Avoiding backcombing
  • Not over-brushing.

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