So, you want long hair?

long hair

If you want long hair, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Do a trial period.

No matter why you want long hair, it would be best to try it out, before devoting to it full-time.

Get a wig and see how it looks, then use hair extensions to try it out for a few days, perhaps.

Make sure the wig and extensions match your hair in color and style. So if your hair is naturally brown and wavy, you should get a long-haired wig hair, or hair extensions, of wavy brown hair. Unless you intend to dye your hair as well. Your hair, whether it’s a wig or extensions, should reflect what you want your future hairstyle to be.

Note that we only do extensions if your hair is 3 inches or longer.

Go around and do your daily routine. Ask the people around you if they like your new hair. Gauge their reactions, so you know whether’d they’d like it if you had actually grown out your hair.

Also note how the new hair changes your routine, how you have to work around it, and if you’re okay with that.

So, now you’re sure.

If you’re still sure about it and you want to achieve it through your natural hair, then be prepared for a long wait, because hair grows at about 1/2 an inch a month, so take the number of inches you want, and multiply it by 2 for the months you’ll need to wait.

You will also need to change your hair care routine to account for all the new hair you’re gaining.

Maybe get a new wardrobe, to fit your new hairstyle?

In any case, if you’re going to use hair extensions, book an appointment with us to transform your hair to your satisfaction!