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Looking for a great Kingston hair salon look no further; Hair N Extensions Boutique offers a variety of services from standard hair extensions to intricate cornrows and braids. At Hair N Extensions Boutique, we are committed to providing you with the best services and care for your hair. We want to make sure that we can help define and bring life to your perfect look. We want to give you a look that not only complements your personality but your lifestyle as well. Everyday should be a “good hair day”.  This Kingston hair salon provides hair extension services including braid fusion, weaving, interlocking, tree braid, dreadlocks, cornrows, and kinky twist.

Hair extensions not only adds length to your hair but also can increase your volume. It can completely enhance your look and give you a boost of confidence. There are two types of extensions ones made from synthetic hair and also ones made from real hair. Human hair tends to last longer than synthetic hair extensions they do not tend to wear down easily. Therefore, human hair can be a better choice in most situations due to quality but is more costly.

There are also different weights that you can use for the extensions in order to make sure you can choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Regardless of the material or the weight you use there is only one requirement when you visit our Kingston hair salon; your hair must be 3 inches or longer. As long as that is met you can get a style that enhances your look and makes you feel confident as ever!

One of the techniques we offer at the salon is Braid fusion. This technique is known as pre-bonded extensions that are fused to the natural hair using glue. This technique can take up to 3 – 4 hours to apply and need to be adjusted every 2- 3 months depending on hair growth. At the salon we also provide weaving services where extensions are applied by sewing the weave into a braid or cornrow. This process can take up to several hours and tends to hold better on thicker hair. This is because the weave can add significant weight to the scalp and become uncomfortable due to the tightness of the braid or cornrow.

Interlocking services are also provided at our Kingston hair salon. This method is when large or uniform locks are attached to sections of hair using a locking bonding method. It is also known as root flipping. The best thing about this method is that it can fit all hair textures and also lasts up to 8 weeks. This method needs to be done by trained certified professionals due to the intricate details in the method. Lucky for you here at this Kingston hair salon that service can be provided!

Another technique we provide is that of tree braiding, a protective hairstyle. This style is timeless and is widely sought out. It creates a look of invisible braids where the extensions are installed at the end of the braids. Two main looks can be created through this style straight hair look or curly. Although straight is more sought out a curly or wavy one can also be done and create a flawless look.

This Kingston hair salon can also create different hairstyles using our services such as dreadlocks, cornrows and kinky twists. Although a look like dreadlocks can take years to mature our experts are trained in methods to give you the perfect in no time. as for cornrows or kinky twists, these styles are a great way to ramp up your style! Regardless of what service you choose of ours we have trained professionals who are ready to give you the look that you need. Our staff is determined to give you the look of your dreams; we want to make you feel as confident as possible and understand that your hair is a big part of that.

Need to book an appointment or just need some more information, reach out to us either via mail or just give us a call at (416) 566-7269. Our experts at the Kingston hair salon are always there for you, to let you know what is better for your hair!